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  • What is Zebroid?

    What is Zebroid?

    A cross breeding of zebra and donkey is called ‘Zobroid.’ More commonly the offspring of this zebra hybrid is also known as ‘Zonkey.’ They have been bred since the 19th century. Charles Darwin is famous […]

  • What is Zither?

    What is Zither?

    Zither is a musical instrument. To be more précised it is a musical string instrument. It appear like loads of strings which are stretched across its thin and flat body. The zither works by plucking […]

  • What is Zeppelin?

    What is Zeppelin?

    A rigid airship is called as Zeppelin. It gets the name ‘Zeppelin’ after German count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. He was the man who pioneered the airship development in the early beginning of the 20th century. […]

  • What is Penny Farthing?

    What is Penny Farthing?

    Penny Farthing is a type of bicycle that has a large front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel. Penny Farthing was extremely popular after the boneshaker. However, it survived until the early 1880’s when […]

  • What is Okapi?

    What is Okapi?

    The Okapi species of giraffid artiodactyl mammals are found in the north east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Central Africa. The Okapi appears like the zebra as they have stripped skins but […]

  • What is Wolverine?

    What is Wolverine?

    More commonly mistaken as a member of the wolf family, Wolverine is closely related to the weasel family. This bear like looking mammal is noted for its fearlessness and aggressiveness. Nevertheless, it is extremely shy […]

  • What is Redneck?

    What is Redneck?

    Redneck is slang pejorative term for white poor rural farmers mostly from south of US. This term originated from idea that farmers were often working outdoors and were bent over their positions and hence their […]

  • What is UFO?

    What is UFO?

    Unidentified Flying Object or UFO is any object observed in sky but can’t be identified. People have spotted such mysterious objects in sky for long time and there have also been sightings of UFO after […]

  • What is a Poltergeist?

    What is a Poltergeist?

    Poltergeist is German word where Poltern means to knock, rumble or make noise and Geist means ghost or spirit. Both terms combined, it means noisy ghost or rumbling spirit or other such options. In the […]

  • What is Stonehenge?

    What is Stonehenge?

    Located around two miles or 3.22 kms from west of Amesbury, Wiltshire in south England, there is Stonehenge which is large stone or megalithic – a monument made from earthworks and standing stones. It is […]




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