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  • Top 5 fastest cars below US$15,000

    Top 5 fastest cars below US$15,000

    Who doesn’t love speed? When speed talk is related to cars the idea is to find the perfect package of horsepower and torque in a lightweight, aerodynamic design. The package gets tough when it is […]

  • Tips to save a wet smartphone

    Tips to save a wet smartphone

    Accidentally dropped your smartphone in the sink? Or did your smartphone get wet in the rain? And the worst moment of all is when your friends dunk you along with your smartphone in a swimming […]

  • What are Brazil’s top 10 carnivals?

    What are Brazil’s top 10 carnivals?

    Carnival is an annual festival. Mostly this festival is observed during a week before Lent in Roman Catholic countries. The carnival’s are full of music, dancing and masquerade processions. One can call it ‘the traveling […]

  • What is Wi-Fi TV?

    What is Wi-Fi TV?

    We all are falling prey to the new media technology. In fact this new media technology is everywhere. And one such advanced new media technology is the Wi-Fi TV. In Wi-Fi TV, the television set […]

  • What is ‘Page 3?’

    What is ‘Page 3?’

    We often hear the word “Page 3” in our daily conversations and also use the term “page 3” usually followed by suffixes like parties, girls and culture. Ok..! What does this Page 3 mean? Page […]

  • What is Hour Glass?

    What is Hour Glass?

    Hour Glass, also known as Sand Clock or Sand Glass is used in medieval times as an instrument to measure time, especially by sailors. Though, it has become obsolete now, people still fascinate its beauty. […]

  • What is Koovagam festival?

    What is Koovagam festival?

    The Supreme Court of India on 14th April, 2014 gave a landmark judgement recognizing the third gender in India i.e. the Transgender. We saw hundreds of transgenders celebrating this move of Supreme Court of India […]

  • What is Zebroid?

    What is Zebroid?

    A cross breeding of zebra and donkey is called ‘Zobroid.’ More commonly the offspring of this zebra hybrid is also known as ‘Zonkey.’ They have been bred since the 19th century. Charles Darwin is famous […]

  • What is Zither?

    What is Zither?

    Zither is a musical instrument. To be more précised it is a musical string instrument. It appear like loads of strings which are stretched across its thin and flat body. The zither works by plucking […]




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