To play football, a team of eleven members has to be present on ground from each team to start the game. There are some essential playing strategies and rules that every player has to know before coming on the ground. There are two goal posts in which players try to throw the ball to win points. However, one has to goal on opposition team’s goal. The player is not supposed to goal on his own post which will be considered as loss of one point.

Players already get abundant practice to reach on state and national level. A long rectangular area is marked with two goal counters on both the ends. Both the teams are separated by a line at the center from where the game starts. The major rule to play this game is to push the ball from foot which is why this sport is named as Football. The player is not supposed to touch the ball by hand, but can handle from his head, body, leg, and especially foot. One team starts the game by kicking the ball far towards its team mates, but the opposition team gets ready to hold the ball on their favor and passing in attempt to make a goal. Football team can score their points by attempting a long kick from the field. However, the few kickers get limited kicking range. Football is played within a specified time limit within which either of the team has to score at least 1 point to win the game. If both the teams fail to make a goal before the time ends and dwells in 0 points then the game is considered as draw.

How is Football Played

When it comes to American football, it is not just scoring points, but also several other things. If a team fails to bring the ball out of their designated end zone then the opposition team can earn two points by recovering it. Three points are given to the team if the field goal kicker successfully throws the ball between the standing goal posts. Two teams together run and save the ball to be thrown to their respective goal posts. Both the goal posts are covered by each team member in order to block the ball from pushed inside the goal post. If in case, the goal keeper fails to block the ball from coming inside then the opposition team gets a point.

American football is basically played in an interval of 15 minutes that are considered as quarters. So there are four quarters of game in which if neither of the team wins a single point then the game is declared as tied. Later, additional quarters are played until the final winner is determined. Therefore, it becomes very important for a clock to keep ticking throughout the game.

The team especially American football is offered to the players along with several protective gears including shoulder pads and gloves and helmets, but this game is extremely dangerous where anyone can get hurt in the field while playing. So, all safety measures are kept before the game begins in order to arrange and use on players if they are hurt. You can go through a range of instructional materials that are available in bookstores to seek more information about how is football played or about the game of American football.

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