Mobile Number Portability in India has finally launched. This new service now allows MNPmobile users to switch their service providers without having their number changed.

This service was supposed to be launched in India many years ago. However, due to security concerns and other reasons, it was delayed, and was finally launched on January 20, 2011.

Now, with the onset, many cell phone users are all set to change their service providers. Here is a detailed guide of what you need to know about mobile number portability in India.

What will the customer lose while switching to new service provider?

Certainly, not your mobile number. But you will lose the available balance on your cell phone. Also, if you are switching from CDMA to GSM, you might need to change your handset.

Is it for both post-paid and prepaid customers?

Yes, both these kinds of user can use MNP India service.

Does it take long to port a mobile number?

That depends on how you define ‘long’. However, as per the guidelines, the service providers are asked to complete the formalities of porting the number in 7 working days. For users in Jammu & Kashmir, and in some other North-East regions, it would take about 15 days.

How much will it cost to change service provider?

It doesn’t cost much – only Rupees (INR) 19. This amount will be taken by the new service provider to process your request and activate the number.

Mobile Number Portability in India

Does it also allow city portability?

Unfortunately, no. If you are a user in a city, you cannot switch to a service provider in another city. In short, you cannot change the circle. For instance, if you are resident of Delhi and have been using a Delhi card, you can switch to any service provider in Delhi, but not in Mumbai.

Can the user switch service provider every month?

No, you can make use of this service once in 90 days. That means, if you switch over to another service provider today, you will have to wait for another 90 days to switch again.

Will number portability in India guarantee any improvement in quality?

It depends on the service providers. This service certainly gives the providers an opportunity to pull customers. However, it also bears the risk of losing customers. Hence, as believed by certain providers, this change might not be a motivator for most service providers. However, the best answer would be – wait and watch.