Children with crystal-color aura around their body are crystal children and the ones with indigo aura are known as indigo children. However, more than the difference in color, these children are believed to possess supernatural or special traits that are not commonly found in human beings. They are also believed to be more evolved species on earth.

Crystal ChildrenThe term ‘Indigo children’ started gaining popularity about 100 years ago, and people started talking about such children with special abilities. However, it was only a few years ago that such different auras started appearing around some children body.

Crystal aura can be developed by developing inner self through meditation and other techniques. It is also believed that every child has the ability to develop such abilities. Those who take birth with indigo aura are said to achieve the path quite easily. Crystal children are known to be calm, solved, and peaceful. On the other hand, indigo children have rather varying behavior with increased spirituality, psychic abilities, etc.

Rather than having their own sense, they are believed to possess universal sense. They are sometimes clairvoyance or are able to communicate through the power of mind, without using verbal language. This is the reason why most crystal and indigo children learn to talk a little later than other children.

These children look no different from common children. Only they are said to possess more intelligence and are usually wiser than children of their age. Since childhood, they have a higher purpose of life, and possess several types of psychic abilities. Although there are some parents who identify such specialty in their children, there are others who are worried due to their weird behavior and try to seek medical help. Those who are medically diagnosed are usually identified with symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, due to the medication, many of these children have reportedly lost their gifted abilities.

Indigo Children

There are also some children who are believed to have an opalescent aura, and are generally referred as rainbow children. All of such children who possess a different kind of aura and have psychic abilities are believed to be fond of crystal and rocks.

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