Dimples of Venus, sometimes also referred to as back dimples or butt dimples, are symmetrical indentations visible on the lower back of a body. In short, these are two dimples formed just above the butt. The exact location of these dimples is directly on the skin present on the two sacroiliac joDimples of Venusints, where the sacrum helps the ilium to attach to the pelvis.

Although Dimples of Venus is an informal name, it is widely used by people, including in the medical terminology to represent the area of the sacroiliac joints. In Latin, it is known as fossae lumbales laterales.

Although it is believed to be completely genetic, just like chin cleft, many fitness experts have come up with a few exercises that can help get back dimples. The exercises were developed after noticing that almost every one with lean body, especially football players and Hollywood stars had such dimples. So, the chances of having it acquired through exercises open up. Here are a few exercises that can help get such dimples.

  • All cardio exercises: These dimples are visible only if the fat percentage is between 6 to 13 percent for men and around 12 to 20 percent for women. This would involve regularly working out and performing cardiovascular exercises.
  • Strength Training: For the dimples to be visible on the back, it is important to gain strong and lean muscles near the lower back area. Ask the gym instructor to include a few strength exercises that target this area.

If you are not a work-out freak and would like to develop butt dimples at home, here is simple exercise:

Step 1. Lie with face down on a thick surface, preferably floor with your legs straight, hands straight ahead of your heWhat is Dimples of Venusad.

Step 2. Try to lift both your arms and legs up simultaneously, towards the ceiling, until the only part of your body that is in contact with the floor is your belly.

Step 3. Hold this position for as long as you can. Repeat a number of times in each set.

Step 4. Do it regularly

Venus dimples are sure to appear after some time, if you have the right amount of fat near that area, and if you perform these back dimples exercises everyday.