Natural phenomena are occurrences that take place in the nature and due to natural reasons. These are not in control of humans and are bound to happen. Some of the very common natural phenomena are death, birth, aging, natural calamities, rains, decaying, erosion, etc. However, there are also several natural phenomena that occur very rarely.

Let us have a look at some of such phenomena:

  • Volcanoes  

Volcanoes are caused when hot lava from the earth’s crust erupts from a mountain. This lava is extremely hot and smolders everything that comes its way. Some volcanoes erupt with such force that it spurts lava and rocks that fall many kilometers away from the erupting mountain. Here is a list of some of the famous volcanoes on earth.

Volcanoes Volcanoes natural phenomena
what are natural phenomena Strange Natural Phenomena

  • Winds

When air flows with force or speed on a large scale on the surface of the earth, it is known as wind. However, there are several types of winds that flow in separate parts of the world. When winds flow from Rocky Mountain in the northwest region of the S to the west of Canada, it is known as Chinook winds. Then there is Katabatic winds that flow from a high altitude like mountain to low altitude due to the gravitational pull.

Katabatic Winds Chinook winds

  • Clouds

While normal clouds itself is a natural phenomenon, there are several different forms of clouds observed in different parts of the world. Mammatus clouds ]have pouches at the bottom and are breast-shaped clouds. Altocumulus clouds is a thin sheet of clouds formed in waves, bands, or patches. Then there is Noctilucent clouds that shine during the dusk and Lenticular clouds that are huge in size, usually lens-shaped, and are formed at a high altitude.

Mammatus clouds Columnar basalt

  • Other types of strange natural phenomena

Moeraki Boulders are several huge boulders that are found near the sea shore and beaches in New Zea land. They are found in some areas of the US as well. Oil Shale are rocks that contain fossils and organic components that are used to extract fuels. Pink and White Terraces that are formed due to a massive volcanic eruption many years ago. When the lava that has been flowing horizontally cools off and forms fractures or joins on the surface, it is called Columnar basalt.

We all have heard about rainbow, but not many know about the occurrence of moonbow that is formed when light is reflected by the moon. When gusts of winds flowing at great speed carries snowflakes with it, the phenomenon is known as snow flurries.

These and several other types of incredible natural phenomena are occurred everyday in the world.