Many do not know about what are signet rings, but it holds decades of history and has made its niche segment in the jewelry market. It is a finger ring or accessory that usually comes engraved with wearer’s initials. If not the initial then this ring often found worn with personalized designs. The band may be ornate and can found influenced from celtic or Egypt styles or can even remain plain.

The market for this type of ring has been popularized over the years due to which a huge amount of designs as part of fashion have been introduced.  Mainly, the blank bands are found around, but wearer can request engraving on the ring to put some information of his/her own.  Often it is found that customers requesting to create a flat bezel with initials on it. This pattern is actually considered as signet rings.

Today, this type of ring has turned widely ornamental with personalized initials that replace the complex coat of arms that are seen on antique rings. Dating back to time, they were mostly used by politicians, wealthy citizens and religious leaders. Therefore, this ring was represented as official signature. Even this ring was applied with wax or soft clay so that the wearer can press a distinctive seal on the documents and decrees while preventing from tampering. This is why signet rings are often called seal rings.

What are Signet Rings

One of the most significant differences found between an antique signet ring and the modern signet ring is that making an official seal. Earlier, authentic rings were both ornamental and functional due to which they were readily recognized as official. Engraver used to create mirror image of the wearer’s sign, coat of arms or initials. However, the modern form of ring is not used as official signatures due to which engraving on the ring are no longer made in mirror style.

Still, many prefer to have a collection of antique signets, mainly because of their scarcity. Only few antique rings ever created that possess their authorized copies to reduce the chances of fraud. Signet rings which served as official marks for notable personalities or politicians are kept in museum collections or under restricted area. Owners can create their specific signet rings by ordering through retail jewelry stores or can make online shopping.

Signet Rings

Generally, the concept is that a blank band is chosen first and then designs, fonts, scripting letters or anything else is engraved on the blank area. Custom designs are also used from detailed photographs or any designs given by customers. This ring is not decorated with large stones, but engraving the ring and making it visually appealing is the mainly concept of signet ring.

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