Many women try to get rid of split ends which occur on their hair. Experts call this problem trichoptilosis which is a common hair problem in many people. There is a specific reason for split ends occurrence. When a protective cuticle is destroyed at the end of the hair, split end produces. In this matter, you will find the hair to be grown in two or more strands rather than one at the end of each hair.

Some say, there is a cure to split end, but experts say it is a myth. If the damage occurs, the best way is to cut the hair from end by using scissor. This way, you can cut the hair from where split ends occur, leaving the hair problem free. Though the hair industry has a lot of solutions, you can reach to a hair expert for best solution. This huge hair industry is packed with trends and processes that is useful to alleviate the problem of split ends. One reason of getting this problem is hair dying. It is said that the more you dye your hair, the more you will find your hair with split ends. Another reason of split ends occurrence is hair dryers that throw high heat or using hair straightners that causes hair damage.

Same way, if your hair is overexposed to sun’s heat then it is obvious for your hair to split. There are many reasons that bring this problem including excessive washing of hair with follicle stripping shampoos. This problem can even occur if you use wrong type of comb or hair brush. You need to use things as per your hair type or simply a good trim is required for your hair.

Split Ends

Hair specialists use different methods to remove the problem of split ends. One of the easiest ways is to have the hair trimmed at regular intervals. Mostly this becomes important when your hair is long. When your hair is long, it often happens that the protective hair oil doesn’t reach till the end of the hair, causing this problem. So, regular trim will help the problem to stay away.

Using shampoos and conditioners recommended by hair salons are good options. They include ingredients which are found in professional shampoos. There is a huge difference in both professional and cheaper shampoos. Using cheaper shampoos may invoke the problem further since they contain a lot of silicon that makes the hair shiny, but they also strips the hair filled with nutrients and essential oils.What are Split Ends

Often debate is undertaken for the same question as how many times in a week a person should wash hair with shampoo. Most of the experts claim that daily washing is not a good condition as hair stripes off from its essential oils. Even if you want to wash your hair daily, you need to use professional products with gentle cleanser.

Despite this, another problem that can cause problem to your hair is regular gym or swim in chlorine water. So, you need to wash your hair properly after every session you attend. While working out the salt that occurs through sweat and the chlorine that is present in water are very damaging in nature for hair. To avoid this hair splitting problem, you also need to use a good conditioner. Try to maintain deep conditioning of hair at regular interval. Hair treatment like tea tree oil will keep your hair away from more damage.

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