There are two types of ribbons, namely: woven and non-woven. Woven types of ribbons are essentially narrow bands with especially finished edges. Non-woven ribbons are those which are made from textile yarns and bonded by adhesive but are commonly manufactured from plastics.

The flexibility and durability of the woven ribbons make them well suited for the use in clothing and home décor and even in crafting. Non-woven ribbons allow them to be curled, shredded and treated in some different way so that they can be used in gift wrapping and can be used for crafts. There are many types of ribbons available in the market; some of them are a follow:

Chiffon, organdy and organza: these varieties are very light weighted. Open weave varieties are commonly referred to as “sheers”.

Grosgrain ribbons: they are durable but still supple woven type. This is a crisp type of ribbon.

Grosgrain Ribbon

Acetate ribbon: they are stiff with satin finish and are used for floral arrangements and packaging.

Curling ribbon: they are coated so that when pulled against the sharp edge, like scissors, the fiber acquires a corkscrew aspect.

Iridescent ribbon: they have pearl like finish revealing in change of colors depending on the angle of view.

Iridescent Ribbon

Jacquard: this is a type of weave which is used to produce pictorial effects. This term refers to ribbons having embroidery on it. Both the types of ribbon i.e. embroidered and the true Jacquard ribbons have pronounced “right” and “wrong” sides on it.

Moiré ribbon: they have a watermark type appearance.

Taffeta ribbons: they are made from light weight material which cannot be translucent. The ends of these ribbons tend to fray easily, that-is-why it is advised they should be cut on the bias rather than a straight cut.

Poly ribbon: it is made from polypropylene. It is very shiny and can be made waterproof for any outdoor use.

Poly Ribbon

Satin ribbon: this ribbon has very smooth and shiny finish. They are single-faced i.e. shiny on one side and dull on other side.

Wire ribbon: they have wires placed in the selvage edges so that the arrangement keeps its shape.

Velvet ribbon: they have very tight weave and a low cut pile surface with velvety on one side and the other side is plain.

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