The X-Games are the annual competition like Olympics-style and is called sometimes as extreme sports. It is a group of different sports that include inline skating and snowboarding, BMX, skateboarding, and a number of variations on each, as well as variations on many other events. Created by cable sports network ESPN in the year 1995, the X Games became popular over the years where young people found new ways and techniques to show something creative on wheels and boards.

The X Games create opportunities to competitors in which athletes are timed and judged to name the best candidate. The winners receive gold, silver and bronze medals. When the games started, only summer games were taken up which included a range of variations on the basic sports. Athletes used tricks to make their sports more creative and powerful. Various obscure events in the sports include street luge where athletes have to ride on their backs through the steep road course. In this case, crashes are often found to be frequent.

X Games
Later in 1997, Winter X Games were introduced which featured almost similar variations on snow-related sports like skiing and snowboarding. However, there was always difference in winter and summer games. The Winter X Games never received that much enormous popularity like the Summer X Games.

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