Do you know what is a forever stamp? If not then read further to know its meaning, uses and availability. It is a postage stamp used in United States and is valid for First-Class postage. In this system, it does not require any specific date as in when the stamp is used. If someone purchases this stamp, he/she can use or keep it forever as this type of postage stamp never expires.

This postage stamp has been proposed by the U.S. Postal Service in May 2006 to the U.S. Postal Rate Commission for creation of this stamp that could start from 2007. The proposal was approved by the commission and it went on sale since April 2007. Forever stamps are sold at First-Class Mail Stamp postage rate. This stamp can be used for postage purposes in U.S. and can also be used to send a mail from U.S. to foreign land. However, that demands addition postage.

Forever Stamp

The benefits of forever stamps varies for consumers where people can buy a stock of forever stamps at current market rate and can use it as first class postage when it gets exhausted. Postage rates keep changing, but at least consumers will be satisfied by buying stamps in bulk for future use. Not only the price suits most of the consumers, but it is a matter of convenience where one does not have to rush to the store to buy a forever stamp when it is needed.

This way, at least postal service will be free from hiring employees to sell the expired 2-cent stamps or to manage the crowd of consumers seeking for new stamps at higher-rate.  It has turned out as the best service for the businessmen who do not have to rush for stamps again and again. In fact, they use business mail where most of them use pre-printed or metered postage in spite of stamps. Most of the countries including Brazil, Belgium, Israel, Finland, and Great Britain use non-denominated stamps. Some use stamps for standardized mail. The U.K. becomes first to use these types of stamps which are named as non-value indicators (NVIs) in the year 1989 to reduce the problems faced by all when the postal rates change.

Forever stamps come in great use to different people. Buying and keeping forever stamp along will help in various ways.

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