G-string is a type of underwear which is similar to a thong. It is mainly identified through the tiny strip of fabric that looks very much like a string. It flows between the buttocks of the wearer and links to a band around the hips. It is used on both men and women inner wears, but more popular among women.

A G-String type underwear does not cover much of the area like regular or most of the women’s panties. However, a G-string lets the wearer get rid of panty line that is visible after wearing certain outfits. It is a good replacement when a woman has to wear thinner fabric or tight clothing. At least the panties line won’t be visible to others which are very awkward and humiliating. It started as undergarments for men who are African tribes, but sooner it gained popularity when strippers started wearing it. Since then, it became much more popular and mainstream. Also it was found wearing by the fictional character Tarzan, on whom different types of garment used.

G String for Women

One thing that G-string leaves to everyone’s imagination is the origin of its name. There are several theories that explain how G-string got its name. At first it was the Native Americans who wore loincloth-type garment which they called as ‘geestring’. As believed, the English settlers moved in and altered the name as G-String.

There is one more theory that explains that the name G-string came by shortening the term ‘girdle string’. This term was used in a book during 19th century as a garment that boys wore around their waists, similar to the loincloth. On the other hand, a girdle was also the garment which women wore so that their bellies remain tightly fit with it. Another theory explains that its name has been originated from the G String, which is the lowest string applied on a violin. The indication of having lowest position on the instrument is akin to the lowest position of the underwear.

G String for Men

Still the origin of its name is unknown, but it is not meant for everyone. Many are comfortable wearing this undergarment as they are lightweight and the string at the back remains very thin due to which many feel that they aren’t wearing any underwear. It functions like invisible underwear especially for women who avoid the visible lines of panties over clothes such as tight skirts or trousers. There are other types of underwear as well which includes V-strings, strapless C-string and T-strings. All belong to the thong underwear group and are similar in terms of designs where the front gets majority of the fabrics like triangle in shape and almost no fabrics at the back.

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