Just like facial mask is done to keep the facial complexion perfect while maintaining all imbalances, hair mask is used to keep the tresses in perfect shape. Hair mask is actually a treatment and its service is offered at luxury spas all across the globe.

If you love to care your hair and are ready to spend money to keep your hair healthy, silky and smooth then hair masking becomes an added advantage. However, this treatment does not demand too much of spending. So, you don’t have to bother about being rich for getting this beauty treatment. Various hair masks are available that come with ingredients that can be created at home. In fact, these ingredients are readily available around and are inexpensive.

The major thing is you can create your own hair mask at home by using simple processes. All you have to do is to spare few hours at home without moving outdoors. Several ingredients can leave distinctive odor which goes after two-three times of shampooing. But you would love to prepare your own hair mask at home and keep your hair lovely.

You can prepare a fruit hair mask that acts as a conditioner for all hair types. For that, you need to add ½ banana, ¼ avocado, ¼ cantaloupe, one tablespoon wheat germ oil, and one tablespoon yogurt. Add all these in a blender and massage the mixture on your scalp. Let the mixture stay on scalp for at least 15 minutes after which you are free to wash off by using shampoo.

Hair Mask

Those who have dry hair can make a mixture of hair mask which includes eggs and four tablespoons of olive oil. After applying the mixture, you need to cover the scalp with plastic wrap and let it remain as it is for 10-15 minutes.

Most of the people suffer from damaged hair, especially women who use hair colors, highlighting hair, ironing, dryers, and styling. All these damage the hair which can be brought into normal condition by using very ripe banana and few drops of almond oil. Apply and let the mixture remain for same 15 minutes followed by rinsing hair with soda water and shampoo.

To get control over frizzy hair use a mixture of one liter clean water and one tablespoon honey followed by normal shampoo after few minutes.

No matter what hair mask you prepare one thing you need to consider is that most of the masks are intended to use for once or twice in a month. So don’t overdose as you need to repair your hair not further damaging it.

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