If you are not aware of what is a muse then read on to know in depth. There were many artists, poets, writers, and musicians who were together called as creative workers and were inspired by an individual who were refered as muse. A muse can be a person who has great influence on another that he/she becomes the central part or inspiration for the creative work of the person.

This is a term that has been used since years and was historically described for women who have been in love and created the subject of their work. The term ‘muse’ comes from the Greek mythology, god Zeus and Mnemosyne who had nine daughters together called as Muses. The legend had it that if the muses love any man then the worries of that person will be instantly disappear. So, the man who was loved by the muses was considered as the most sacred person than a holy man.

Men and women throughout the history of the arts have been inspired by their own muses. There were artists who incorporated their muses into their work like the painter Pablo Picasso. He met different women, loved them throughout his life and that became his subject of work.


Picasso had his relationship with many women throughout his life and many ended their lives in heart-breaking circumstances. His each work can be seen progressing alongside the relationship he had with women. His inspiration was women in his life and he was sometimes judged as harsh for discarding women in his life. The muse is specially created in spiritual world and so it is not only the human being. Many people considered muse as supernatural force who tends to possess the artists and help them in creating his/her work. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the muse is human or spiritual, it is considered that the world of arts is overdrawn to its muses. If muses were not created, the artisitic ideas wouldn’t have involved inspired artists.

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