Black Irish is a term commonly used for the people outside Ireland. However, certain groups are referred to by this name and it carries a reason behind calling people by that way. Knowing what is Black Irish could be interesting to you. Read further to know more.

In most of the cases, Black Irish is referred to those people of Irish ancestry who have darker complexion as compared to those of stereotypical Irish features with blue or green eyes, pale skin and reddish hair. Irish people with dark hair, dark complexions and brown eyes are called as Black Irish. Immigrants from Ireland where often called by this term which is somewhat derogatory for the people.

Origin :

The origin of this term ‘Black Irish’ is never known. Its uses and meanings are widely used to describe different things. Still, it is believed that the term might have created in different places and at different times, serving different reasons. Most often, the term has been used as insult, but many people proudly take it to describe themselves or their ancestors.

Dark Features and Their History :

Their dark complexion and features distinct these people from other typical Irish people, may be because of ancestors who migrated from Portugal and Spain. The Ireland had welcomed many immigrants over the years in its island and served many rulers including the Vikings, the Celts, the Scottish, and the English. Therefore, different physical characteristics have turned out as more common among the Irish people.

Black Irish

Relation from African Heritage :

During 1800s, it was believed by many that Irish people with dark complexions might somehow related to Africans because Africans are the people who are with dark features and considered as inferior in the society. This is how many termed that there are possibilities that Black Irish derived from this viewpoint.

Association with American Indians :

Not only the concept of African people was linked with Black Irish, but another possible origin that was found over the years was the people who wanted to hide their true ancestry. It is believed that some of the American Indians including Cherokees described themselves under this term in early 1800s so that they should not be restricted from their land.

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