Chupacabra is an animal believed to be found in some parts of the world like Miami, Puerto Rico, Chile, Mexico, etc. The name is a combination of two French words, chupar meaning ‘suck’ and cabra meaning ‘goat’. So the meaning of the name Chupacabra is a ‘goat sucker’.

What is ChupacabraThe name has been given to the animal, because it is reported to kill goats, and suck blood of their body. Although there are very few pictures of this animal, there are many eyewitnesses who have seen an unknown animal killing its prey and sucking up blood. Besides, there were several dead bodies of goats with puncture wounds in parts of the body in Puerto Rico.

However, there are no accurate pictures of this animal. Also, there are several dissimilarities in the description of the animal given by the eyewitnesses. This disparity may also be because of the geographical diversification, as Chupacabra is reported to have been seen in as north as Maine and as south as Chile. Some say that it is not a very giant, but is as big as a small bear. It is also believed to have a row of spikes on the back of its body.

Mark Cothren from Kentucky killed an unknown animal on December 18, 2010. Although the animal did not really match with the animal species that humans know of. It was strongly believed that the killed animal was Chupacabra. Hence a number of pictures were taken and the body was sent to the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. However, the size of Chupacabra is much smaller to that of a bear.

Here is a quick look at the appearance of Chupacabra:

Although there are varied descriptions of the animal in different parts of the world, one of the most common description is a small animal, with shades of gray and green, and spikes that are really stuck on the back of the animals. With height of about 3 to 4 feet, a Chupacabra can stand on two feet and hop like a kangaroo. However, one of the description also mentions its height to be around 20 feet.