Cloud computing has become one of the major source of computer resourcing and is life of many individuals who store their data safely in cloud. Cloud service can be used in cellphones, laptops, personal computers, and other devices. It is the use of computer resources that delivers through a service over a network, typically called internet.

The name cloud is given from the use of cloud-shaped symbol that comes from an abstraction for the sophisticated infrastructure that it includes in system diagrams. It uses remote services to fetch data from your computer to store in its backup for easy access. Cloud computing is also called as grid computing technology which was earlier used during 1990’s. In late 2007 when cloud computing turned out as the popular technology, it used to allow services that provide everyday practice in internet instead of storing the data in local computer.

The demand aroused when people found that they need a source to carry their work along with them wherever they go. In case, a person travel to other country and in journey needs to work, he/she had to carry a pendrive and in some case accessing the work is not possible. In some cases, the personal computer gets crashed and all the data is gone forever. To eradicate this situation, cloud computing is provided where one can safely store the data as backup and can use whenever and wherever they are.

Cloud Computing

These days, with the convenience processes of email such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail, people no longer use Outlook or other desktop applications for sending or receiving mail. Now one can check email in a browser by sitting at any corner of the world through internet connection. To make email processes more convenient, Google has provided word processing, presentation and spreadsheet applications in its cloud computing service and incorporated them in its Gmail and Google Calendar. The whole office setup can now be accessed on web or in cloud. Other leading companies like Microsoft are also working on such platforms where they can provide more convenience and comfort to people through such emerging technologies.

Apart from big market leaders such as Google and Microsoft, cloud computing has created a separate stage where it gained immense popularity. This is the reason why such big companies are taking up this service and including their features for easy access to users.

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