Distressed leather is not any special kind of leather. It is the same normal leather but is treated to appear as old leather. However, it is treated in a manner that its strength and quality is not deteriorated. Sometimes, consumers tend to like leather that appears rugged and old, which looks trendier. Hence, many manufacturers distress leather and sell in the market where there is more demand for such products.

How to Distress leatherThis distressed leather is then used to make many types of items like hand gloves, wallets, belts, hand bags, jackets, shoes, and so on. Not only clothing, this leather is used also to make furniture, accessories and display items.

Not only manufacturers, but sometimes customers themselves treat leather at home to give it a distressed look as they know how to distress leather. Wherever it is distressed, the process remains the same. First, the leather is damped with alcohol. Then, the damp leather is crumpled to add natural wrinkles on the surface. Later, to fade the color of the new leather, sandpaper is rubbed against the surface. Within a few minutes, the new shine of the leather fades away. Later, if the customer intends to make it more distressed, he might rub it for a while longer. Some users put the leather in a dusty (not muddy) for a while to give it an older look. Similarly, if a user needs to distress a leather sofa, he sprays a bit of alcohol on the surface, and rubs it with a brush for a few minutes.

Distressed Leather

Although it sounds simple, this is actually a very exhaustive task. Due to this process, coupled with the demand for distressed leather, the price is usually higher than new, pristine leather. Distressing gives it an antique look, rather than traditional one. Although the trend to wear accessories made of distressed leather is always present, there are some months of the year, when people demand more of such goods. That time is probably the most profitable period for the manufacturers.