Dynamite fishing or blast fishing is a practice wherein dynamites or explosives are used to blast schools of fish. This helps the fishermen to collect fish without much effort. However, due to the adverse effect that it causes to the ecosystem in the water, this kind of fishing is an illegal activity. Such dynamites destroy the habitats like coral reefs that provide shelter to the aquatic life. A similar method used to catch fish is cyanide fishing.

Why is Dynamite Fishing still in existence?

Even though dynamite fishing is illegal in most countries, it remains to be a common practice in areas like Southeast Asia, Africa, and Aegean Sea. Authorities in these areas are finding it extremely difficult to reduce this method of fishing due to corruption, open coastal areas, absence of patrolling teams, and the increasing number of fishermen involving in blast fishing.

What bombs do fishermen use?

These are generally homemade bombs. It consists of a glass bottle with several layers of powdered form of potassium nitrate and small pebbles. It may also be made using kerosene and ammonium nitrate. However, one of the major reasons why the use of such bombs is avoided is its unpredictability. These homemade bombs can explode anytime or prematurely, which causes harm to the nearby fishermen or other innocent people.

The sound and shock waves produced by these bombs cause fish to lose their swim bladders. Apart from a few light fishes that float on the surface of the water, most sink to the bottom of the sea.

Dynamite Fishing

Why fishermen use dynamite fishing as a method of fishing?

Experts believe that dynamite fishing might increase in the years to come if adequate measures are not taken instantly. These measures are not only limited to putting a ban on blast fishing, but eradicating the reasons why people involve in such occupation. Here are some of the reasons why it is growing:

  • Inadequate funds to buy modern equipments for fishing
  • Lack of job opportunities for fishermen in the surrounding areas
  • Not adequate knowledge and awareness about the impact of blast fishing on the environment
  • The greed to earn more money without much efforts

Although some of these reasons are deeply rooted in many parts of the world, only addressing these problems first would solve major problems of the world.

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