The question what is flower arrangement may seem simple, but it has several elements that you need to consider. Flower arrangement requires skill set for an individual to create a distinct visually pleasing display which is done through fresh flowers, dried flowers or silk. The combination create fabulous look which is not that easy for a beginner to create.

It is a part of designs where one needs to create horizontal, vertical, crescent, triangular, and oval flower arrangements. Apart from this, there are other arrangement options as well such as ‘Hogarth’s Curve’, ‘S’ and ‘free standing’. Hogarth’s Curve is a type of designed named for English painter William Hogarth who has introduced a design which is shaped like curves of the letter ‘S’ that we more commonly see in floral designs. These are elements which one finds under flower arrangement. There are many variations and come with various designs and patterns to show uniqueness like the use of line materials which are the first pieces to put in a design for establishing the overall height and width. Next to that, other decorative materials are used including peonies, irises and lilies to name some.

Hogarth's Curve

To make the arrangement more explicit, secondary materials or small mass flowers are used between. Also can be added are the filler flowers which are considered as optional. What is more important in a flower arrangement is the accent that plays a central point along with the statue or figurine. If you plan to use open flowers, it would also bring a pleasing accent to the arrangement.

There are various tools introduced that make this type of arrangement easier. Many use dried foam to hold the silk or artificial flowers in their position. Also used is a frog which is a metal device and is commonly used in place of dried foam. You might have seen it commonly in a clear glass vase. The vase holds all the flowers in place due to the steel pins it includes. To give a conclusive beauty, you can use floral spray paints that work as wonderful special effects and add shine.

Flower Arrangement

Other than these materials, clay, tape and floral wire are also widely used for arrangement. Design principles of general arrangement include harmony, balance, unity, and rhythm. Other than this, the use of light, texture, space, accent, scale make the arrangement complete. Various design techniques are used worldwide with Japanese using techniques such as rikka or standing flowers, shoka (a linear style), and nagiere style, bonsai, and moribana.

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