Halogen HeaterIf you don’t know what is a halogen heater, you probably might be living in a hot area where heaters are used often. A halogen heater is a small and portable device that can be plugged into an electric socket and used to heal a room or a small house. It uses halogen elements to heat the area instead of electricity or butane or propane conductors. Along with heating facility, these heaters come with a number of safety features.

Another type of heater that is a good option to heat a small room is an oscillating halogen heater. It uses similar technology as used in an oscillating table-top fan. This rotation first heats the air inside and then throws this air outside, which heats the surrounding area. This is however quite different from the blowers that simply blow air in one direction. The oscillating movement causes the air to go in every direction. This makes the room warm very quickly.

Using only a halogen heater, however, might not be a great idea. These devices are generally used to supplement the existing heating device. Although these What is a Halogen Heaterheaters come in various size, it is generally used in a small space, to heat the area instantly. Hence if you use a halogen heater to make a large room warm, it will take a long time. However, if you install a big heater, and use halogen heater as an additional device, the results would be great.

Safety features of a halogen heater include an insulated case. The outside of the heater is never hot even if it is used for hours. Hence, if a child or an adult accidently comes in contact with the heater, it would not cause any damage. If, in case, the heater is tipped over, it automatically switches off. Hence, if you have children or pets at home, this is probably an ideal device to keep your house safely warm.

This device is quite durable, and considering the cost it comes for, this is certainly one of the most affordable devices you can use during winters. It may be a bit expensive than a few radiant heater or heaters that use electric coils. However, the number of years it lasts makes it very affordable. Along with all the safety measures, this heater uses comparatively less electricity than other heaters. So now that you know what is a halogen heater, plan to bring it home this winter and keep you children safe from the hazards of other heaters.