Before we move to the concept of what is heavy implantation bleeding, let us first understand the meaning of implantation bleeding and when does implantation bleeding occur.

Implantation bleeding is the discharge of blood in a woman from the uterus, when the egg inside her body is implanting. When this bleeding starts, it can be perceived that the egg is no longer ovulated. It is now fertilized from inside the uterus lining, where it will attach itself to the body and extract various nutrients and blood needed for growth. If the egg wouldn’t have fertilized, it would have been discharged out of the body with the menses. However, when the egg is ready to implant itself, it reaches outside of the uterus and enters slowly, a process that loses some blood, which is discharged from the vagina.

As mentioned above, the bleeding is not in high volume as the egg size is not very large. The blood loss during the process is not too much. Hence, the bleeding in such cases should not be heavy at all. In fact, the blood is so less that it doesn’t flow out as one experience during menses. It is in form of blood drops which are pink or sometimes brown in color. Implantation bleeding might last for an hour, a couple of hours, sometimes a day or more, and in some cases, it may extend even up to five days. Now that we know when does implantation bleeding occur, let us move further.

What is Heavy Implantation Bleeding

There are cases where a woman might experience heavy implantation bleeding. Although it would not be precisely correct that heavy implantation bleeding is a bad sign, in most cases, it is not a good sign. Sometimes, women experience heavy discharge with cramps. This is a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. Heavy bleeding occurs when the egg that is fertilized is attached to abdomen, fallopian tube, ovary, cervix, or other tissues of the uterus.

However, if any such incident has occurred, the pregnant women might also experience other symptoms like dizziness, pelvic ache, shoulder ache, blood clots, and so on. If heavy implantation bleeding has occurred with such symptoms, one must visit a doctor immediately and must not overlook the process. In early stages, one can get things in right place. However, the more you delay, the more it gets difficult for even a gynecologist to correct.

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