Migration Assistant is an application produced by Apple Inc for its Mac users. This application can be used to copy everything from a Mackintosh Computer like network setting, personal files, downloaded applications, user accounts, user settings, etc to another Mackintosh Computer. It is a kind of drive back-up, but offers much more than just a back up applications.

This can be done while performing initial set up of a Mackintosh computer, or it can be done on a computer that has already been installed. Now that we know what is a migration assistant, let us understand how to use Migration Assistant.

Migration Assistant

Step 1

Have easy access to both the computers. If any of them is a laptop or Macbook make sure it is connected o power supply so that is doesn’t fall short of battery in between the process.

Step 2

Make sure that the old computer has a migration assistant software that has be updated in the past few days. If that is not done, use the CD/DVD that comes with the new Mac, given specifically for this purpose. When you first start the new mac, it will tell you how to use this utility application.

Step 3

Then, you will have to connect both the Macs through a Firewire cable. If you don’t have a firewire cable, make use of n Ethernet router to connect the pcs. However, make sure you don’t connect both of them directly though an Ethernet cable. First connect the first pc to the router, then do the same for the other pc.

Step 4

When the system prompts on the new pc to transfer files, select the files that you need to transfer. It is safe to transfer all the files and then delete unnecessary files then to delete it first.

What is Migration Assistant

Step 5

When the Assistant Manager in the new pc shows a code, enter it into the new old Mac. The transfer process will be started, which might take few minutes to several hours, depending on the amount of data transferred.

Step 6

The system might freeze when it will show ‘1 minute remaining’. However, do not try to interrupt by pressing ay keys. Let the process complete.

Step 7

When the process completer, there would be no difference between your old Mac computer and the new Mac. It will have same setting, same desktop wallpaper, same menus. Enjoy your computer.