Nail pitting is presence of small pits or depressions on the surface of the finger nails. When several such depressions emerge on a nail, it causes the surface to become rough and ugly. Before we move on to the causes of nail pitting, it is important to realize that there is a difference between pitting and nail peeling. Nails appear peeled when one is exposed to rough work. However, pitting is caused due to some health deficiency. Hence, more than being uglier or rough, it is a sign of undiagnosed health problems.

Nail pitting

Causes :

One of the most common causes of nail pitting is psoriasis. This kind of health problem, or rather a disease, causes the skin to become weak and causes silver scales on the skin. More than half of the people affected by this disease have pitted nails. Gradually, nails acquire yellow color with tiny white spots. When the disease becomes severe, it causes the nail to crumble.

However, psoriasis is not the only reason for pitted nails. Men who are diagnosed with Reiter’s Syndrome or reactive arthritis also have pitted nails. Alopecia areata also causes such nails. Hence, if any abnormality in the nails, especially pitting, is observed, it is wise to consult and doctor and have a body checkup.

What is Nail pitting

Also, in case of severe dermatitis, nail can acquire pits that may be either white or yellow in color. If any such diseases are diagnosed, seek immediate medical treatment. After a while, when the disease is cured, the pitted nails will grow out, and new nails will replace the old ones. However, it might take a while, as growth during curing would be slower.