Open forum can be conducted in various sections, depends on the person who speaks and what exactly is the context of the subject. Open forum in simple words is the open area where people are free to exchange their information and ideas. The basic idea of open forum is to bring better changes in specific process.

The word forum has been derived from Latin and if considered the Roman times, the same word was used to describe the open marketplace where one was free to make purchases, discuss with other citizens and try to finalize an agreement on public interest Open Forummatters. Some of these meanings have been effectively carried through this modern day. Generally, an open forum can be any place where one can exchange information as well as ideas. A common example for this would be in U.S. where most of the public properties owned by government are used as an open forum.

In a forum, citizens are free to hold meetings, protest and exercise the rights of first amendment. Several examples would be streets, parks, sidewalks, spaces that are set aside for specific reasons, and publicly held buildings.

Open Forum is also used for specific meet or event. In this sense, an open forum becomes a proper venue where people gather and exchange their thoughts on specific issue and bring out solution for a controversial matter. Today, open forum has become an important part for establishing or developing something publicly. This forum can even offer opportunity to the citizens to vote on specific development. Other than this, there are several other benefits that one can enjoy by participating in the open forum. If the community members of the members of the forum start protesting for a cause, they could win as per the effectiveness of the case and can implement necessary changes.

An open forum is an open place where every person has right to participate and share their ideas. It is a space where free speech is publicly exercised without any limitation. However, people are expected to behave in a polite manner even if they disagree to certain situations. So, an open forum is not meant to carry forward violent words or actions. If people seek to hold demonstration in the name of public rights then they first have to apply for permission just like the open forum practiced in a municipal building.

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