Known as cane sugar with minimum process, many don’t know the exact meaning of what is raw sugar? Read the article to know this food item listed under our Food and Beverages category.

People mostly know the refined and crystal-like particles of sugar. Sugar cane is processed to make a refined sugar in which the first stage of the process gives us an item called as raw sugar which has its unique characteristics. Cultivated in tropical area, sugar cane grows as a grass followed by a sweet stem. From ancient time in India and other parts of Asia people realized the natural sweetness of the crop and used as a sweetener in their food items. Sugar cane juice is made by pressing it and then it is refined. Neighboring continent Europe was first to find sugar in Asia. The crop was then grown in the colonies of Caribbean.

Raw Sugar

To get regular sugar item from this crop there are two processes. The first stage consists of extraction of raw sugar from sugar canes and the impurities are removed by a process and kept for drying. Further the dried stuff is refined and purified again to remove the leftover of molasses. Further sucrose is concentrated by forming three different types of sugar – white, dark brown and light brown sugar.

Sugar Cane Processed into Sugar

The sugar cane is pressed through a juice extractor. The juice is boiled and cooled to make crystal. It can be sold as it is or can be turned into refined sugar. The first boiled, cooled, crystals containing high molasses with pale golden color is raw sugar. It tastes very high in sugar because of lower refining as compared to highly refined table sugar. There are few drawbacks in the use of raw sugar for its hardening and moist nature which can drop some recipes. So caution needs to be taken. The raw sugar is kept in airtight vessel to get rid of moistening and hardening.

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