Ruching is ruffling pleat of laces, muslin or other fabrics to trim the garments, especially women’s. The term ruche come from French Ruchingorigin, which meant ruffling, or bringing together, or pleating. This is a technique not only used for trimming, but as a design in the garments, used since past many years. In fact, ruched dresses were commonly found in the ear that was a couple of decade ago. However, like every other form of fashion, this style has     experienced resurgence.

Making this kind of ruched dress is a very labor-intensive and exhaustive task. Hence, it has now created a nice area, and not everyone can afford to have such clothes. These days, ruching in found in sleeves of the dress, collars, or bottoms. It is also used in various decorative designs like ruching under a flower bouquet. There are also ruched skirt and ruched swimsuits available these days.

Ruching is not limited to clothes only. Ribbons, laces, metallic items, and many other things can be ruched and used for various purposes. Ruched laces were previously used to embellish the hats, bags and other accessories of women. Now a days, ruching is seen in neckties and hats.
Ruched dress
Although one can find ruched clothing and accessories in stores, ruching is a process that can be done by customers at home as well. The process is very simple. One just needs to have basic knowledge of sewing and must have the sewing kit. This skils can be used to make knitted flower that can be sewed on dresses, bags, shoes, and so on. If this seems to be an exhaustive task, a tailor will be more than happy to make ruched clothing for you. However, ruched dresses may seem to be out of place many a times. Hence, try to limit the usage of ruched dresses. Shop ruche only when needed.