Many people are unaware of what is silica sand. It is one of the most common types of sand that are found in the world. There is used in huge assortment of applications and is sold by various sand suppliers across the world. This type of sand is used in industrial processing where glasses are made as well as filled to manufacture castings and molds. Sand is formed from the processes done on granules of rocks and minerals. To be more precise, if the granule is one or two millimeters in diameter then the sand can be Silica Sandmeasured as one sixteenth in size. The sand can be better categorized between gravel and silt and comes in various sizes.

There are abundant types of sand present in the world, each one of them come with their own qualities and composition. For example, the white sand beaches present in tropical destinations are majorly made of limestone that has been broken down over the years and have turned into sand. Also the black sands are formed either due to volcanic affects or due to the presence of magnetite. Other sands that are commonly found in yellow and rich color are actually high in iron levels. The most common mineral that is found in the continental crust of the Earth is quartz. In fact, most of the silica sand is made of broken down quartz crystals. Silica is also called as silicon dioxide or SiO2. Over the years, water and wind process silica and quartz by breaking them down into tiny granules.

Uses :

The sand that processes and turns into granules can be used for multiple purposes and can also be found in most non-tropical areas across the globe. Silica sand is widely used everywhere and cannot be survived easily without it due to its important role. Silica is used for water filtration, industrial casting, glass manufacturing, producing concrete, sand blasting, and adding texture to slick roads. It is carried in bulk quantities by industrial suppliers whereas; when it comes to household stores, they sell silica in small quantities for home use or home construction. One of the major uses of silica can be seen in the modern world where it is added in industrial concrete. It is mainly used for the reason of safety and strength. In industrial scales, this type of sand costs less than $0.50 (USD) per pound and $1.50 (USD) per pound for consumers.

What is Silica Sand

Risks :

If silica is not handled properly, its fine grains can cause health risks. Silica is not good for lungs and can even damage them if not taken proper care. In the areas where demolition projects of concrete are involved or sandblasting operations are in progress, one should prevent himself from inhaling silica. Wearing respirator or mask that can prevent from silica to get into your body and bring lung irritation. Prolonged exposure of silica can also cause chronic condition which is known as silicosis. The dreadful fact is that this condition does not have any particular treatment, but causes severe pain or even death if it gets serious.

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