The calculation is important to check the temperature in space which is different as compared to what we experience on Earth. You should know what is the temperature in space which is an exciting thing to explore and will improve your knowledge. Read further to know about this process.

The outer circle of the earth is basically considered as the part of universe which is almost completely empty. It is said as per the point of view of Earth as the altitude is around 62 miles above sea level. If you consider the temperature of space between the void of star systems, planets and galaxies, the temperature will be around 2.725 Kelvin or -454.72°F. You can say that the figure is above zero and is the coldest possible temperature humans have known on earth. With this temperature, you can expect everything to be ceased entirely.

Though the average temperature is said to be around 2.725 Kelvin by the scientists, there is an energy that still left over from the Big Bang that as a whole said as the cosmic background radiation. Since Pluto is far from Sun, the temperature just outside its orbit is estimated to be around 35 or 40 Kelvin which is very cold. However, this is still not really that cold which is explored deep in space, away from Sunlight.

Temperature in Space

It is not an easy task for measuring a temperature in space. The important part to consider is the temperature of particles which remain very high while their density stays very low. This restricts the ability to transfer heat. The particles rarely collide and so the heat exchange does not take place. Therefore, the temperature in space is measured after focusing on concentration and movement of molecules that then explains how often they collide to each other for gaining or losing energy.

It is clear that different parts of space have different temperatures and the Milky Way, home of planet Earth is a bit warmer as compared to many other areas.

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