Tire mulch is basically called as Rubber Mulch, a type that is widely used in gardens as well as sustainable landscaping, designed from 100 percent recycled rubber.

How rubber mulch is used?

Rubber mulch or tire mulch are basically comprised of either waste tire buffing or nuggets that emerge from rubber of tires after removing the steel bands from them. Any kind of tire can be used to prepare this combination of rubber mulch where tires of passenger vehicles, large trucks, trailers and others can be used. Buffing is the thin silver element that comes from rubber and if measured the sizes of Nuggets, they range from 10mm to 32mm.

Tire Mulch Rubber Mulch

Advantages of tire mulch or rubber mulch

This type of mulch offers several advantages that facilitate people to use them for gardening and landscaping purposes. Be it buffing or nuggets, both insulate the soil from heat, creating a difference of 2 or 3 degrees Fahrenheit higher soil temperature over wooden mulches. To moisture soil, rubber mulch is considered as beneficial. This is because rubber is a non-porous material and does not absorb water like how the soil retains. Besides, rubber reduces the development of fungus and plant growth and acts as an effective weed barrier. Weed seeds always dehydrate in the mulch without even reaching to the soil.

It is good plant material mulch and its elasticity gives a spring-like quality, creating a thick layer over the surface.  The tire mulch becomes a natural choice for creating good playgrounds to provide extra springiness for safety purposes. For landscape, this mulch can be 97 percent wire free and for playgrounds, it can be 99.9 percent. Tire mulch is used by many for various purposes including its increased uses in horse arenas for footing material after mixing it with sand.

Considering the durability of this mulch, it could be 12 times greater as compared to the wooden mulches.

Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds Rubber Mulch Landscaping

Disadvantages of tire mulch or rubber mulch

Some of the recycled tire mulch could possess leach chemicals or toxicity that could ultimately harm the plants. If rubber mulch is ignited then it can be proved hazardous. Generally, they are safe, but recycled tire rubber leachates include minerals and compounds.

There are various factors that one has to consider before using tire mulch or rubber mulch for your garden or landscape, but there is no color option apart from its natural black color. It is also safe in nature other than the chemical elements present in the recycled products that could be harmful for the plants.

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