The name vegetable glycerin is also called as vegetable glycerol. It is basically a carbohydrate that is fetched from plant oils. This What is Vegetable Glycerinoil is used as a sweetener while preparing vegetable dishes and can be used in a range of cosmetic products. It is also used to extract botanicals as a replacement to alcohol.

This Glycerin is formed from three carbon atoms, three OH groups, and hydrogen atoms. The OH groups merge with water very comfortably and slow down the movement of water by making it more like syrup, liquid glycerin. Glycerin is also resistant to freeze. We may use glycerin in one or the other form on daily basis. It is clear like water and is also odorless, but tastes a bit sweet as it has a consistency of syrup. Vegetable glycerin readily dissolves in water and is produced from plant oils such as coconut and palm.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin is commonly used for pharmaceuticals and other household items. It can retain moisture from air and is proved as a good addition to moisturizers. It is stored in a cool dry place and has short shelf life. People use glycerin on their face and body to make their skin nourished, smooth and fresh. Also, many use glycerin on their face to get the radiance. However, vegetable glycerin is the one that comes with 99.7 percent pure food-grade vegetable glycerin with the remaining quantity (0.3 percent) is the water. The sugar present in it does not raise the blood sugar levels. So, many people use it in foods and marketed as a low carbohydrate ingredient. Also, it does not contribute to the bacterial tooth decay.