Wi-Fi is a networking technology used globally. It is a wireless networking system. It makes use of the 802.11 standard, which came out in 1997 and was made by the Institute of the Electrical and Electronic Engineers. The Wi-Fi Alliance highly promoted and popularized this standard. Suitable devices can be connected wirelessly or Internet access can be gained using a router to generate a ‘hotspot’ region.

Computers having suitable connection and network cards can be connected wirelessly with a router. A modem is used to connect the router with Internet; usually it’s the one having maximum speed connection. A user within about 200metres of the point of access will be able to use the Internet facility.

What is Wi-Fi Device

Networks in Wi-Fi can be either ‘closed’ where in a password is required or ‘open’ which is accessible to anyone. Any location covered in wireless connection through some device is usually known as ‘wireless hotspot’. Any person having a device with proper working can reach to the network inside the hotspot area. This permits people in the hotspot to have Internet access through a modem and the router, generally meant for business officials and employees or like a gracious service at malls, coffee shops and other such places.

Efforts are been taken now to coverts entire cities like Portland, San Francisco and Philadelphia into major Wi-Fi hotspots. Such plans may offer free Internet services in exchange of a small payment inside the city. These efforts need planning of massive infrastructure as well as support.


Communication using Wi-Fi technology is possible using radio signals operating at 2.4gigahertz frequency. In the past few years, many different version of the standard (802.11) used in Wi-Fi have come out. The versions are indicated with the help a designation followed by a letter. For example, Wireless-G which introduced many improvements as compared to the previous standards like better transfer rates. It is essential for a user to identify and know which kind if Wi-Fi their device is making use of to make sure their device is compatible with the router. As the technology constantly undergoes improvement, different other designations are yet to release.

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