There was a time when the world faced drastic change and disastrous outbreak through World Wars. It was when World War Two ended and the relationship between the leading developed countries – USA and USSR was very bitter. Slowly gradually both the worlds started feeling their superior presence and power to rule in the world. Not only this, both USA and USSR started developing advanced technologies and made available all war weapons to dominate their foes and rest of the world.

The slow and silent movement when the worlds were constantly developing their nations while increasing the assets for war was the time when no one experienced the real war but the war led internally. It was the military and political tension occurred between the powers of Western world. The cold war occurred after the temporary success of both the worlds right after the II World War. Different allies were created and so the recovery of post-war was visible. Both the worlds started receiving support from other countries. All the countries in the world were supporting the either groups whereas; some of the countries stayed neutral and became the part of non-Aligned Movement.

Cold War

The Cold War became a part of history because there were no more military actions or physical fights between the countries. Both the sides created nuclear weapons, but none of them were used again after second world war, if that have had happened, then the world would have faced World War three. However, the world was not in the condition to fight again after two big wars of life. Instead, the earth started ruining due to loss of resources, war affected areas, many killed in war, limited food and money and plenty of other reasons. It was when few developed countries raised as super-powers. Still, when people remember the two world wars, they never fail to remember the cold war which became the part of war period in history and was considered as a war without fighting between 1947 and 1991.

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