Indians are called to Native Americans or the indigenous peoples live in Americas. Read the entire article to understand why are Native Americans called Indians. The term is originated through a misconception that was spread after the arrival of Europeans in the Central America in the year 1492.

It was the time when Christopher Columbus started his journey in the America in views of searching an alternate route to Southeast Asia. As per what has been assumed, he believed that the people with whom he came across in his journey after reaching land were Indians. Even though the fact has been realized after few hours, but the name is still used. Similar to this, the islands in Central America was later called as West Indies, opposite to East Indies that Columbus originally thought as his destination.

Native Americans Called Indians

The term Native Americans were promoted highly by the academic world during 1970s as a politically correct alternative to Indians. Some believed that Native Americans is the perfect term to use, but this term also carries some issues like anyone born in Americas, no matter he/she is indigenous or not, will be considered as Native American. Though the term is more accurate, but using it regularly in everyday speech is more critical. Till today, the term Indians is more widely used than Native Americans used mainly by media.

People in this section call them Indians, especially those who belong to the older generation. Other than this, American Indian is the official or legal term that is commonly used in the United States. The debate for the correct way of describing the Native Americans will always be continued, but Indians has transformed as a legal, literary and vernacular language in South as well as North America. It seems strange to explore that such debated and renowned word is originated from a mistake. Though it is a history, but the debate on the accurate name for Indians or Native Americans will remain a central part to concentrate.

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