A Beauty & Fashion Starter Pack For Every Newbie Venturing Into Their College Life

With the arrival of June comes the bittersweet start of Schools and Colleges. The start of the academic season is here and demands so much attention from the teens, the pressure of change is pretty real. While for some it would be a new year in college for many it will be the start of new era in their life with their venture into college life. And if you post that era or about to venture their you might very well be aware of the change it comes with. We all step up our game of presenting ourselves, as we go about making new friends, which involves a lot of first impressions.

Thus, personal representation of yourself is gonna be very crucial to all the newbies, this new era also teaches you a lot about you and helps in the rooting of your matured personality. With Physical care and presentation being a crucial part here are some tips Youtuber Sejal Kumar has to share with all the newbies to help their start into the college life with ease.