A Braid Hairstyle To Zip Up Your Hair In The Back With A Beautiful Display

This braid is similar-looking to a conjoined double Cobra Braid, only the stranding is different and very tricky. This is not a new braiding technique, but the braid should be included on the list as one of the most beautiful braids out there! What’s a Cobra Braid, we will talk about it next time? The zipper braid is lesser known and could be considered as something mostly hair stylist material, but a few failed practiced attempt may help you achieve the desired look.

The braid will make it easier for medium and long length hair owners. Like any other braid hairstyle, this one too keeps hair off your face, and tightness of the hairstyle gives out an amazing display of your hair. A pretty sight to show off.

Here is a POPXo sharing a detailed video tutorial of the same.