Beat the Summer Heat With Veggie & Fruit Centric Bowl Recipes

Summers detaches you from your otherwise craving for spice taste buds to something more subtle that is easy to your tongue and stomach. Spicy food as it nature goes arises heat inside the body which is the last thing anyone of us want during the already fuming summer weather.
Thus, to make ourselves capable of sustaining the scorching heat of summers it’s necessary that we keep the body cool from the inside. Staying hydrated becomes even more important when one is faced with summer sun, thus feeding ourselves on cool veggie salad helps in to bring in the water content in the body along.

While we are always said to keep away from sugar to have healthier body and life, it can’t be forgotten that sugar gives us the energy boost which we may lose to the sun. But rather than relying on artificial sugar components, switch your snacks and breakfast meals to fruit infused platters or bowls.
Thus, to have smooth summers here are some tasty, healthy and cool owl recipes by Rachel Talbott.