Cooking At Home Made Easy Yet Healthy

We know the certainties: Preparing suppers at home is useful for your well being and your wallet. However, let’s be honest, with insignificant extra time and different needs consuming up room in our calendars (think: extend periods of time at work, significant others, staying in contact with family, perhaps even an exercise all over), putting in hours or even minutes in the kitchen isn’t generally at the highest point of our schedules.

If you are a working individual living alone carrying a lunch-box and preparing one is not promise you can stay up to for your own good. But at least having your breakfast meal and dinners for the most of the days at home could make a lot of difference. We all know for a fact when we look into our budgets, the most daily expense ratio is concentrated on our food. it’s not just unhealthy for your pocket but also very sensibly for your body to.

Thus, here are some quick fix healthy meals you can rely upon for your first and last meal of the day.


1. Oatmeal Recipes:-

Oatmeal is the staple food ingredient of the people who prefer to eat healthy, we can’t reckon on how many times we have googled for breakfast recipes and been thrown in our face with various kinds of Oatmeal recipes. The flexiblity and quickness with what it serves you makes it even more lovable amongst everyone. You can make a spicy veggie version of Oatmeal or a porridge version of it with milk, yogurt and fruits & dried fruits.

2. Egg Recipes:-

One of the two Essential part of the Mystery of “Which came first, Chick or Egg” is hands down an ingredient which can be eaten all through the day and can only be survived upon alone. The all rounder Egg provides you with hundreds of recipes with just the plus of two to three food items. A just plain egg omelet is also loved by everyone.

3. Sandwiches:-

Sandwiches also makes for a fulfilling healthy breakfast, the combination of bread and veggies makes up for a vitamin and protein filled first meal. With numerous new recipes available with variety of stuffing toasts are also an ideal choice of breakfast pair them up with a glass of milk or fruit juice and you have easy quick and healthy breakfast.


1. Asian Ramen Curry Noodles:-

The Asian Recipes are filled with spices and veggies they are a wholesome platter of health and taste. The Rice noodles provide the bulk of this vegetarian- friendly bowl. The mixture of Sick days best friends Soups and Take-out Day noodles when cooked at home makes for a super fulfilling dinner. Add in as many veggies as you can a few cashews and peas for added flavor and proteins.

2. Salads:-

As the doctors and dieticians suggest the density & volume of our meals should go down as the day keeps runs towards the end of it. Thus, Salads make for an ideal choice as a dinner meal they are all veggies which make them light to the stomach and sauces will still help in maintaining some taste for your taste buds.
3. Burritos or Wraps:-

Fry some veggies and Chicken or a combination of your favorite food items and stuff them in a wrap to have as burrito wraps. Veggies can be eaten in various forms along making sure that your meal stays healthy and a few splashes of sauces makes up for a lip-smacking yummy Goodnight meal.