DIY Planters Ideas For Inner Spaces

We have already in past discussed how plants make up so perfectly for home décor. And day by day more people are bringing in plants into their lives. It’s a no-brainier on how much of a refreshment they accentuate from themselves and bring an immense amount of life with their mere existence in our living space.

Let’s get rid of the idea that plants are only made for windows and outdoors. Plants are of varied variety which has in their genes to survive without a direct source of sunlight. Plants can be placed anywhere and everywhere they could be hung from the ceiling by a hook or placed on a side table of your bed.

With plants becoming a staple form of room décor, there have been more and more cute and quirky forms planters coming up. But, you could make your own and mold your planters in your way as you like it.

Here, the hosts of the Youtube channel The Sorry Girls Kelsey & Betty share with us some DIY planter ideas and some of the plants that can be stored in closed premises.