Five Parenting Traits That Might Hamper Your Kids Future Success Chart

Parenting is a crucial task of one’s life because it’s you making decisions for another human, it’s you moulding another human being, and it’s necessary that you mould them right. Mistakes would be made, but just like any other life events it also involves learning from your mistakes and making the best of it. Here the responsibility is double than any other job or task you would have ever involved yourself in before. Parenting is an on-going process and involves growing of another personality in you.

As parents, you play a vital role in shaping the way your child thinks, behaves and acts. Many of you have received your behavioural traits from your parents, and the cycle would continue similarly with your kids.

Thus, there are some things that must be inevitable to you for your kids to learn right. Here are five such crucial things, find out if you have ever been guilty of any of them.

1. Following Double Standards:-

Hypocrisy is something is never favoured by anyone but once in a while, we all engage in the same. But, hypocrisy in Parenting can be quite frequent if you don’t pay attention. We often engage in things that may or may not be kids friendly in front of them and then when we later see them repeating our actions we try to stop them, this will generate miss-trust in you by your kids and they will become more rebellious. This will also encourage them in thinking Hypocrisy is an Okay thing.

2. Being Too Protective:-

Parenting is about protecting your kids, but anything too much is always bad. This is a mistake that a maximum number of parents will be guilty of, the parenting emotionality overshadows our thinking ability to let your kids loose a little for them to learn things on their own. You do everything and a kid requires 100% protection only when it’s toddler, but as and when they start getting old as a parent it’s your duty to start releasing that protective hand from over them. Some falls are necessary for your kids to learn how to dust themselves up and get back on track.

3. Allowing Guilt To Take The Upper Hand:-

If your children are absolutely happy with you, then you are not parenting well. Your role is not to be their friend alone, you have to be their mentor, leader and critic as well. Pampering is first received to any human by their parents itself, but just like protectiveness pampering also needs to be proportionate. Providing your kids with what they demand in an instant, is you creating a spoilt brat. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make them capable of facing the world alone on their own and not bringing the world to their feet.

4. Keeping Mum About Mistakes In Your Past:-

Mistakes are always considered as a negative word, whereas if you ask any optimist person they will vouch on Mistakes being a stepping stone towards success and learning. Sharing your mistakes with your kids makes you more human to them, and also grounds them to the fact that mistakes are a part of life and it’s okay to make blunders and rather whining about it, one must learn from their mistakes. It also boosts their confidence to fight harder even when faced with failure.

5. Praising Too Quickly:-

Yes, it is necessary to boost your child’s self-confidence. That doesn’t mean you have to celebrate every A on their report card or every kick they made in a football match. You can buy your kid trophies to make him/her feel better, but that is only depriving them of the feeling of a well-earned victory. Such kids grow up and realize that only their parents think of them as winners while the rest of the world can sees them for they truly are.