Get Creative With Your Plain Canvas Shoes With some Snipping And Sticking

The fun thing about personalizing or Diy’ing stuff by your own self is that you can make two different ends meet at the same point with your creativity, some sticking and chopping materials to help you around with. The concept of personalizing is all about bringing in something that isn’t out there or something is out there but you are confident to do it better.

Personalizing Clothes, Bags, and footwear to our own taste and bringing out something new from our already existing stuff is a fun process and later watching the end result is even more pleasing.

Youtuber Sejal Kumar defines her style to be Indo-Western, the 22-year-old is open to all kind of fashion experiment but her heart resides in her Indo-western combos. Here in this video, she shares with us how she converted her plain white sneakers into something funky and personalized it with Cello markers and some desi laces. So get inspired and take your plain canvas shoes and sticky…