Hacks & Tips For Your Beauty Care Products Part 2

As much as we love our elaborate beauty routines, sometimes we want to spend less time laboring over our faces and more time out enjoying life. And that’s why we turn to beauty life hacks: not only do we admire their sheer genius, we love that they make our hair and makeup routines just that much easier. And because we know we’re not alone in this, here is a part two to our previous list of beauty care hacks and tips.

1. A Trick For Dried- Out Eyeliner:-

If your Eyeliner pen has dried out, just remove the brush and turn it around. You can use the other end, and it will feel as good as new.

2. Baby Oil For Shaving:-

Have you ever tried using baby oil instead of foam for shaving? This simple trick can help you avoid skin irritation, and it also moisturises your skin better than any creams.

3. A Soak For Your Feet:-

To get the smooth and baby-soft skin on your feet, wash them in the following mixture: 2 Cups of Water, A Cup of Vinegar and A Cup of Mouthwash.

4. To Get Rid Of Hair Static:-

As the cold weather sets in, the problem of getting static in your hair becomes acuter. To get rid of static and smooth out your hair, just use ordinary dryer sheets, pass them through the full length of your hair.

5. To Get Plump Lips:-

Want to get vamp lips easily? Here’s how, After applying your lipstick, suck your finger for a moment. This will leave any excess lipstick on your finger and not on your lips, and that way it won’t end up on your teeth. Now use a highlighter along the contours of your lips to make them stand out more.

6. To Remove Whiteheads Quickly:-

All you need is a Bobby pin. To remove whiteheads, place the head of a pimple in the center of the looped end. Then push down gently until a pimple pops, do not forget to put antiseptic on it.

7. A Great Hack For Traveling:-

Use a bulldog clip put over your razor white traveling so that you don’t cut yourself when digging through your bag. Just keep in mind you’re ant allowed to take a razor in your carry-on luggage on a plane.