How To Create Drainage In Ceramic, Glass & Metal Ware

Like we discussed in one of our previous posts how much all we plant lovers enjoy finding new ideas and planters for are plants. The diversity brigs more color and character our space and only accentuate the beauty of our baby plants. There are so many containers in glass, ceramic and metal wear which don’t provide one of the most important part of planters that is a source of drainage is generally the only reason that may stop us from turning every cute container despite their generic form to convert into our plant holder.
But, the crazy plant lovers have found their way through the problem by discovering the easy and safe way to create drainage source in all three forms. All you need is the desired planter, water, drilling machine and a duct tape.

Following videos have the guide on how to drill a hole in Ceramic vessel, Glassware and Metal ware.



Metal ware:-