Making & Styling Of A Plain Dark Gray Shrug

With the summer heat, we have all taken up on wearing loose clothing and clothes with shorter sleeves and legs, helping in as much easier access for air to pass through our body. Clingy clothes not only creates sweat but most of the times also cause irritation to the skin resulting in rashes and skin reddening. Wearing flowy dresses is just not the choice we want to make but a choice we Need to make.

Shrugs have come as a gift to most of us, the long flowy clothing object helps you in wearing skimmer clothes on the inside with a quick layer of Shrugs. They hide the extra chubs of our body when we wish to hide and pair amazingly with most of the clothing items. Shrugs are super easy to be made, with few slits here and there and you have quick fix shrug out of any of your long plain of the garment.

Here, POPXo shares with us a quick self-made shrug out of a plain dark gray cloth and four different ways to style it.