Mixed Band T-Shirts & Gucci’s Roses On Denim

The fashion world may make its appearance every 6months or once a year, but with people starting to getting more and more appalled by the idea of fashion and new eye catchy clothing styles, the daily fashion keeps bringing in some new trends in every few weeks. That’s the major part of what Fast fashion is all about.

But, won’t it be amazing to not engage in fast fashion and yet stay up with every new trend that speaks to you. That is an experiment with your clothes yourself will help you. DIY’ing or personalising your own stuff makes you more unique and creative from others and also lets you stay along the trend tracking.

The season is of music festivals and hot air is all around us, and easy flowy clothes are answered to every one of our questions at the moment. Thus, pick up scissors and needles and be your own fashion designer.

Here’s how you can.