Music Festival Survival Guide- Things You MUST Carry At The Festival

Like we have shared in a sample of our past videos recently, the best and most fun part of Summers are the numerous Music festival that is organized in and around the cities. The blasting music and playing with strangers sharing same feelings and same love for the artists and the music is pretty endearing and makes up for a good break in the continuous course of work we otherwise can’t get rid of.

The Music festivals are just amazing in all their vibes, but when it comes to the physical aspects of the location there are very common pointers which fall for every music festival. Which include them being situated in the countryside away from the city in barren lands which are wide open with no shelter so the heat is blasting all the time with the sun staying overhead and numerous pressured together. Other things include the dust in the air because of barren lands and unavailability of networks for our mobile phones and last but not the least the limitation in hygiene.

Thus, there are quite a few things you will have to provide for yourself. Here is a list of things Ashley Nicole along with Caitlin Bae have for us to survive the music festivals and not lay sick in bed post the festival.