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The Guide To Kickstart Your Career As A Fresher – 101

Having jitters regarding your career after the pandemic? Worried that your profile is not being shortlisted for good profiles? Then you’re at the right place to know how to get it right! Here are a few suggestions which will help you start your professional life.

Self Analysis and Development

Before you start exploring and applying for jobs in the market, take a self analysis test. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Develop your weak skills. Self awareness is something which is appreciated a lot in the corporate world. Always be ready to learn what you don’t know. Keep on improving yourself. Work on the feedback you get during interviews.

Get That Resume Right

Remember the recruiter is not going to read your resume for more than 2 minutes. Catch their attention with a good summary. Make it relevant to the position you are applying for. Make those skills look better by using verbs; for eg: try using “Effective communication” instead of just “Communication”.

Know The Company Culture

Before you apply, read about the company’s work culture. Know the employee experiences there. See whether it would be the right fit for you. Remember your first job goes a long way, so it is important that both the organizations as well as your personality are compatible.

Let Them Know What You Will Bring To The Table

Be ready to take responsibility more than what is asked for. Offer your suggestions and ideas. Be confident and honest about your opinions. Organizations will believe in people who have a voice rather than someone who is a people pleaser. Learn to embrace reality and change.

Be Flexible

Be ready to do things out of your way. Explore new opportunities. You cannot know what you are good at unless you experiment. Be open to new ideas.


Last but not the least, ask for what you want. Reach out to your networks and possible connections. Let them know what you can offer and enrich them with the idea of the advantage of you working for them.

Well, off you go now and crack that interview! Good luck!

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