One Dress Ten Outfit- How To Play With Your Clothes To Define Your Personality

Clothes are often divided in the category of formal, casual and other prime events. And many of us stick to the designated nook very strictly and not trying to let loose and explore and play with our clothes.

Here is a Video a Simple Floral Dress is worn by ten different women in ten different styles, which helps in depicting to us that fashion is not something we just wear but something that we can make by ourselves.

A floral dress is generally described as a sunny, brunch or beach day outfit. And that is all it would be if we don’t dare ourselves to play around with it by teaming it up with different clothing articles and or jewellery from our closet.

Not everyone is an expert in fashion and that’s completely okay, many may try to do something different and fail, but one must always try and to bringing out the most out of an outfit and experiment. No Clothing is not made for you, you can wear anything you want and bend the fashion anyway you want to help it to define your style and personality.