Super Cute & Cheap DIY Cactus & Succulent Holders

If you have ever gone Plant shopping you are about to relate to this real well. Plants as we all have discussed before are a welcoming refreshment in any given space they bring out the freshness just by their mere existence. They well compel you to opening up the closed shutters and windows force you into the energy.

All this become even more pleasing when they become the décor pieces for your pretty living space. So when you are off to buy plants, you will be happy buying them, they are affordable and promise to bring liveliness in your space. But the next step is to go off to buy pots or holders to store them in, and then you are boomed in the face with hiking prices of the potters.

Any plant lover will know the struggle of costly planters that cost five times more than the plants itself. Thus, all the creative minds out there keep coming up with reusable and cheap replacements for these costly ones which can end up looking more in character than the costly ones.

Here, LaurDiy one of our favorite DIY person has come up with some easy and cute charm up cheap planters to make up as a home your cute plants.