Ten Ancient Beauty Secrets That Still Work Today

The beauties of the ancient era are still used as a metaphor of classic beauty, and their beauty potions are all mostly hidden in nature with some undefinable benefits with science explanation to them. As much as science has advanced over the years, tried-and-true treatments still endure. “Women think that natural products harness some secret to why they’ve worked for thousands of years. But these remedies can take time, and women want results now,” explains global beauty industry analyst Karen Grant of the NPD Group Inc. That’s why researchers are racing to figure out the science behind these miracle cures and learning new ways to maximise their benefits.

Most of these remedies come from eastern lands, thus may come across pretty shocking for the westerners but if you reside from the Eastern hemisphere you are bound to know two or three elements of these beauty products that are extracted from nature itself. Even the scientists agree with our Grandmas.

Here are ten such nature-oriented remedies for enhancing your beauty.